“Conscious Evolution: The World At One”

Temporary installation of two banners from the debut exhibition of
"Conscious Evolution: The World At One", Huntington, NY, 1985

The following quotes are silkscreened onto the batiked fabric banners:

"Conscious Evolution" (left) 96" X 45" batik, silkscreen on cotton

"Conscious Evolution: A Definition CONSCIOUS EV O LU TION (kon'shus ev'o- lu shun), n. [L. conscius, to know (of); evolutio, an unfolding; hence, a shared knowledge of and participation in the unfolding of creation.] 1. The emerging potential of human beings to take responsibility, individually and collectively, for a positive future. 2. The process by which an individual human consciousness can transform itself from a state of fear and alienation to one of enlightened cooperation. 3. The capacity of a group to work together synergistically, i.e. to become a functional entity with capabilities beyond the sum of its individual parts. 4). The potential of Humanity to develop a resonant relationship within the parts of itself, with the planet Earth, and with the Cosmos. - to E VOLVE CON SCIOUS LY, vt." -- Barry McWaters, Ph.D.

"Chain Reaction" (right) 96" X 45" batik, silkscreen on cotton

"Everywhere on Earth, at this moment, in the new spiritual atmosphere created by the idea of evolution, there float, in a state of extreme mutual sensitivity, love of God and faith in the world: the two essential components of the Ultrahuman. These two components are everywhere 'in the air'. . . sooner or later there will be a chain reaction." -- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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