Conscious Evolution: The World At One

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The visionary art series focusing on global unity that was viewed and applauded by over a quarter of a million people while on international tour, and now housed in the Smithsonian Institution's permament fine art collection, has been captured on this 13-minute video presentation.

Click Here to play a 2:55 minute sample clip.

“In her interplay of imagery, words, and sound, Angela Manno evokes the promise awakening within us as we behold the beauty of our Earth in space. This promise, as real as the dangers we face, is portrayed here with rare and simple reverence.”

-- Joanna Macy, author World as Lover, World as Self,


Description: Set to an original, spellbinding soundtrack, Angela Manno's powerful imagery combined with quotations from some of the world's greatest global and ecological thinkers conveys "the Big Picture" and recaptures the sense of awe and reverence for our planet that astronauts from every country have had as a result of seeing Earth from afar. With its rhythmic and unhurried pace, this 13-minute program produces a deeply meditative and highly inspirational effect. "Conscious Evolution: The World At One" is a meditation on global unity and the potential of humanity to live in harmony with itself and with the planet Earth.

Brief Synopsis: "Conscious Evolution: The World At One" depicts the Earth as seen from space and the invisible connections that tie humanity together on the planet surface, through Angela Manno's unique, symbolic imagery.

These powerful and accessible images are juxtaposed with quotations from some of history's greatest global and ecological thinkers including: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; Professor George Wald of Harvard Biological Laboratories; Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell; UN Secretary General U-Thant speech writer, Donald Keys; and Reverend Theodore M. Hesburgh, Former President of Notre Dame.

To learn about the artwork and traveling exhibition, click HERE.

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