All My Relations Series

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“I have known and followed Angela Manno's work for the past decade when she has been engaged in
articulating the New Story of the Universe through her art in a most evocative and original manner.
Throughout the years that I have known her, she has done work that elicits my ever-greater admiration.”

—the late Thomas Berry, eminent cultural historian and eco-theologian, author of The Dream of the Earth and
The Universe Story with Brian Swimme

“Angela Manno has the rare ability to navigate the worlds of art, poetry, evolutionary biology, cosmology and ecology and then integrate these into a truly substantive spiritual vision. I have found that her paintings in particular provide a rich aesthetic complement to the ideas of Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry. Those who take the time to contemplate her many lovely creations will find them truly transformative.”

— Dr. John Haught, senior fellow, Science & Religion, Georgetown University, author of The Cosmic Adventure: Science, Religion and the Quest for Purpose

“Angela Manno's work represents a bold attempt at unity. As such, it
functions both as great art and as a cultural therapy.”

Albert J. LaChance, poet, therapist and author of Greenspirit: 12 Steps in Ecological Spirituality

“All My Relations” Triptych:

The title, All My Relations is a Native American prayer expressing the interconnection of all life. The art work is in the shape of a medicine wheel or mandala, a cognitive tool used in Native American and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Each piece in this series reveals the Earth as the primary revelation of the Divine. Together they tell the Story of Our Universe, from its inception 15 billion years ago through to the flowering of human consciousness. They depict the unity of the spiritual, human and natural world.

This triptych was inspired by the work of Thomas Berry and Teilhard de Chardin which reveals that each of us is the sum total of 15 billion years of unbroken evolution and is totally unique and unrepeatable. Humanity is that being in which the Earth (and the Universe) comes to reflect upon itself. Teilhard called this new dimension of self-reflexive awareness the noosphere (from the Greek word noos, meaning consciousness). Gaia, the ancient Earth Goddess refered to in the title of these works, is the name given to the scientific theory developed by atmospheric chemist James Lovelock, postulating that the Earth is a living organism.

This perception of unity between humans and the Earth is essential to developing a new, benign relationship with our planet. Given the destruction that humans have visited upon the natural world, this view is critical to our survival and the fate of the Earth. We must reclaim the ancient knowing of our intimate relatedness to the rest of Life -- to All Our Relations.

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