Encaustic Landscapes

When the fields are harvested, Manno returns to her studio in the US, where she takes the imagery a step further, creating new works in oils and encaustic, an ancient, wax-based medium dating back to 5th century BC Greece. The resulting works based on her plein air work have a luminous beauty that seem to glow from within, transporting the viewer to the incomparable fields of France.

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Revived in the modern era by such artists as Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, encaustic was invented by Greek artists in the 5th century B.C.  A wax-based medium in which color pigments and hard drying resins are suspended, encaustic is a Greek term meaning "to burn in" as it uses heat to fix the wax medium. It is the most durable of all media, impervious to moisture and to fading. It posesses a luminosity and translucency unsurpassed by all other art media. 

Angela Manno works in encaustic with years of experience in the use of wax in her batik work and with color pigments in her use of egg tempera applied to her traditional and contemporary icons.  Her works in this medium have a luminous beauty that seem to glow from within. 

A good introduction to this ancient medium and the fascinating world of mummy portraits is the book that records the wonderful exhibition of many of these Ancient artworks, held at the British Museum in 1997. Simply called "Ancient Faces", it is available from the British Museum Press ISBN 0-7141-0989-4

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