Fresco Painting

The most demanding of media, fresco reached the height of its development during the Renaissance in Europe.  This ancient technique of wall painting is believed to have originated around 1500 B.C. when pigments were mixed with wet plaster that became part of the wall structure itself.

The wall must have three layers of plaster applied either directly onto the wall or, for exterior walls (or those subject to contact with moisture) to metal lath.  On the arricio (first layer), the drawing known as the sinopia is made.  Then small areas of plaster are prepared and painted daily by the artist.  Joints in the plaster are called giornate, indicating the boundaries of each day's work.  Colors are ground in water and applied to the wall while plaster is wet, the lime then binding the pigment to the plaster.

Fresco artist Angela Manno brings her training in ancient and contemporary art forms to this time-honored art tradition and will create a mural for your home or business to your specifications.

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