Angela Manno


© Angela Manno 46” x 60” oil on canvas

from a new series of Earthscapes

I am working on a number of concurrent projects
that build upon earlier themes and expand
into new areas and media, with an aim to express,
explore and articulate my developing vision.

In my new series “Earthscape,” I continue to explore the critically important view of the Earth as it is seen from space, revealing our planet as a devastatingly beautiful, fragile and unique world in the cosmos. In progress are 16-20 large format oil paintings, part of a multi-media exhibition. “Epiphany” is the first in this series.

Other Work in Progress

Until now, I have never had any personal content or references in my art. Recently, however, exploring my inner depths and expressing it in my work has become a necessity. Through dreams, narrative, archival photos, personal artifacts and three dimensional works, I have begun an installation piece entitled “Coming Home”. See two examples: “Gift” and “Esposas (engagement present)

Audio Visual
To document the installation,“Coming Home,” I have created a one-hour digital slide program containing the various elements and artifacts of the installation. A short clip of the slide program, “Coming Home” will be available here shortly.